Why You Should Avoid Lifting Heavy Furniture When You Move

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Moving takes a lot out of you. By the time you are fully settled into your new place with all the boxes unpacked and your old home long gone, you will likely feel exhausted. That’s because a lot of energy goes into moving – both physical and mental.

One of the most significant physical tasks required for moving is lifting heavy furniture. The chances are you have sofas, beds, armchairs, bookcases, tables, and maybe even a piano to get out the door and into a moving van. Avoid trying to manage this alone, though, as you could hurt yourself and the furniture in the process. Read on to understand why you should avoid lifting heavy furniture when moving.

There Are Professionals Available

Saving a little cash is not worth damaging your back. Lifting heavy furniture is stressful, so bite the bullet and hire professionals to do it for you. They offer their services for a reason! Plus, you can find movers specializing in moving specific items; for example, hiring piano movers via specialist sites like https://www.shiply.com/us/piano-movers will ensure that your piano gets lifted, stored, and transported safely to your new home. Going to real professionals takes the pressure off of you.

It Can Add Extra Stress

Moving is stressful, so why would you want to add to that? Moving heavy furniture will only stress you more, as it’s hot, sweaty, and physically demanding. Leave it to people who know what they’re doing while you do tasks only you can complete, such as organizing your clothes by season.

You Might Injure Yourself

Don’t think that just because you’re in shape, you can lift heavy furniture without injury. Even the fittest people damage their backs because they raise a couch or dining table incorrectly. By avoiding heavy lifting altogether, you dramatically reduce your chances of injuring yourself during the move. The last thing you want to have to deal with is a bad back when settling into a new home!

You Might Damage the Furniture

If you don’t know what you are doing when moving furniture, there’s a high chance you will damage the furniture and your back. That’s especially true if you have small hallways and tight corners! Choosing a well-reviewed moving company ensures your furniture stays intact for the entire journey, as they have trained professionals doing the job.

How to Move Your Furniture Safely

The easiest way to ensure your furniture travels from A to B without damage or interruption is by hiring a quality moving truck to do it for you. However, if you are determined to do it without hiring anyone, you should look at how to lift heavy items correctly so that you don’t hurt your back. On top of that, ask friends and family for assistance, as lifting furniture often requires more than one pair of hands.

Moving home requires a lot of effort – you don’t have to add to that by lifting furniture yourself. So, keep your back and furniture safe by choosing a professional to move the heavy items for you.

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