What is hair transplant surgery?

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hair transplant surgery It is surgery to move the strong part of the hair root to replace it. The part that has fallen or has been chipped by the hair roots to be planted Usually taken from the occiput because the hair roots in the occipital area are strong. 

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And outlived the hair in the middle of the head. It is caused by the genetic unit of hair follicle cells. does not respond to the stimulation of alopecia by testosterone. But the grievance that most people with problems do not dare to seek treatment is “Is this permanent cure? Is it really permanent…?” Many people are still not sure. When investing, it hurts and wastes a lot of time and money for treatment. newly planted hair And the ones that have sprouted will last forever or not? Will fall again or not is the answer according to the academic principle is that there may be a permanent effect or not permanently that is what it is. Because usually the hair that we bring from the occipital or donation is the hair that is resistant to the testosterone called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which is the main cause of hair loss. baldness from genetics Therefore, when it does not respond to stimuli, it will have the normal longevity of the hair roots until they become permanent hair because normally human hair roots have a life cycle. That has to enter a resting period every 6-10 years and a period of about 20 cycles, that means normal healthy roots. Must be about 120-200 years old, each cycle size may be somewhat smaller. which will see that the hair has become thinner as the age increases Therefore, the hair roots from the occipital hair that are transplanted will last. Accordingly, we may call it permanent hair. because it lives longer than the lifespan of a person

Is there a case where it has been planted, is not permanent, or has it disappeared again? The answer is yes, this is because the main reasons are:

  1. The life cycle of roots is found in humans. that is short term which is often caused by stress or other pressures to stimulate often, such as being sick and getting severely ill on a regular basis Having a lot of mental stress all the time, these stresses will cause the hair root life cycle to spin faster from the age of 6-10 years, it is reduced to 2-3 years. It is often a very old age.
  2. Hair transplants are not standardized. It is more common nowadays because there are more institutions that provide services in surgery but The service doctors did not have enough knowledge and experience. hair root selection to be planted by mistake For example, go to surgery to select the hair root from the position that is not the standard permanent hair. Over time Those hairs were lost due to weak genetics. Resulting in poor treatment results as it should be. Hair follicle transplant surgery. It has been around for more than 40 years. Patients who have had the first surgeries, following treatment, still find that the hair grows to be healthy. Only natural hair is genetically weak. For example, there are some that have grown thinner with age. This is because the hair follicle cells are gradually deteriorating but still very slow compared to the rate of degeneration of hair at the top of the head. Doctors also have patients with a history of hair transplantation before. and I want to grow more due to the same hair loss over time. As shown in this example, this is a servant who received hair transplant surgery 10 years ago. Over time, the straight hair is still beautiful, but the rest is lost. All misunderstandings. about hair transplant surgery, false advertising or misleading the standards of hair transplantation

non-surgical hair transplant Techniques that are not real

Hair transplant with root canal surgery is a type of surgery, whether incision or incision (FUT or FUE), surgery is also used to refer to surgery. So the propaganda is not surgery. Therefore, it is not true that hair follicle piercing is used to grow or FUE (follicular unit extraction) is classified as a surgical operation through the skin. and causing wounds So it’s definitely a surgery. and cannot be accomplished without anesthesia. Because it will hurt a lot, touting that FUE is a better method because it doesn’t require surgery is a “lie.” FUE hair transplant is better than FUT (piercing is better than surgery). Because actually FUE, or puncture, which has a more open wound area than the FUT technique that covers the wound like Done too late The chance of complications such as infection, blood loss, and hair loss due to ischemia may be greater than with FUT. Will live longer than the average FUE hair follicle if it is a serious hair transplant surgeon. Will be able to tell the advantages and disadvantages in some cases, the patient may be more suitable for traditional methods Especially people with large areas of baldness, a doctor who has experience with both types of surgery. would be able to provide information that can be compared to the real, especially the lack of technical inclination to one side. Therefore, the benefit of the patient can be considered primarily if the basis Not a surgeon often can’t deal with it. And the team can’t do FUT technique, so they usually encourage piercing or FUE only, even though the patient may not be suitable for it. such techniques 

Hair transplant without scar!!

 Surgery means that an incision is required. So there must be a scar for sure. Only the way to hide the wound will be in any form only. such as incisions that are well sewn have a small size It can be easily closed with any remaining hair or fragmented puncture wounds, which can be easily hidden even with very short haircuts (eg skinheads or vices). The International Association of Hair Transplanters has issued a statement condemning this kind of propaganda that is known around the world. But in Thailand, it is still falling victim to unethical advertising.

 Hair Transplant by Korean Technique

I would like to inform you honestly that Korean doctors must come to visit Thailand for work. Therefore, there is no need to rely on Korean naasongs.net techniques. Moreover, the hair of each race has different details, like the nose, eyes, mouth. The skin of Thai people is not like Korean people. Techniques that are good for Koreans do not mean that they are good. And it’s not necessary to have hair transplanted by a medical professional. Nowadays, the term “expertise” is used everywhere. Even when traveling abroad to see work for 3 days, I have come back to be an expert. Therefore, the service recipient should check. to a valid license or certificate And should find an opportunity to consult a doctor by yourself because it will be very dangerous. If you don’t talk to the doctor who will do the hair transplant yourself. Because some use to talk through salespeople (Sale) or brokers only without discussing the details with a doctor, some will use a consultant to call themselves a beauty consultant. These people may not have graduated from the medical field or public health at all but are informants and “cheering guests”, so sometimes trying Exaggerating or saying things that themselves are not fully understood in principle, the client should use careful judgment, should be advised in the practice of opening their mouths. to come back to open the mouth wide as before It usually takes about 2-4 weeks for the opening of the mouth to return to normal.

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