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It’s hardly been a decade that silver was worth $20 an ounce and gold got stuck in the $1,500 spot. Today, gold is worth so much more however, the gold price movement has been resisting price movements   trading between $1,100 and $1,900. This was a significant step, however price has not increased much in real-term. The only thing that has changed is the currency used in quoting the price of the white metal. Over the last century the value of the U.S dollar has been declining. Since its first introduction in 1913 has lost nearly 97% of its value. The value of gold has remained relatively constant. Gold can lose or gain value because of market speculators, market manipulation, changes in supply and demand, and various other factors. If the U.S dollar continues loses its value, gold will reflect the U.S dollar devaluation by appreciating further.

When is gold at an all-time high?

In August 2011, the gold price of gold rose to a new high in over a decade. This would not be the first time it reached that high price and it probably won’t be the last. In January 1980, the precious metal peaked at $850 an ounce. Before the 80’s the highest point for the gold price was $850 and then in 2011, the price increase should have been $2,475 in 2011 and then $2,708 in 2018 based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The index does not show off the impact of real-world information. If the index really reflected the impact of real-world events, the price of gold would be higher than it has been.

Investing in gold

Gold is a good asset to investment in. It is and has always been that has real value regardless of whether it is bought or sold. Owning some self managed super fund gold is a wise idea, you should buy gold bullion bars.

Gold bars can be bought in smaller units grams, and can be bought in large in the form of larger gold bars. The size of gold bars and coins can differ. When investing in precious metals you can elect to take physical ownership or elect to use a vaulting service. If you decide to keep the gold elsewhere you should.  It is different for gold jewellery. Holding certificates of authenticity can help you get the best price for high-end jewellery.How to invest in gold

Investing in gold is supposed to be easy. Before you take the plunge, check the cost as well as the fees attached to transactions. Read the purchase agreement before you actually buy gold. Please ask if you are unsure about any part of the sale. Gold is bought and sold all over the world. It continues to grow as more and more people see gold as a safe haven for their investments.

Where to buy gold bars

You should buy gold from a gold buyer or precious metals dealers. There are a number physical and online dealers you might buy gold SMSF from. Finding a local or online gold dealer is not easy. It takes a lot of research to find out which reputable dealers you can use and what prices they offer. Do your research. Visit a couple of buyers in your neighbourhood and decide on the one with better service, bone that has the best to offer.

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