Security Considerations For Industrial Maintenance Operations

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Security plays a vital role in industrial maintenance operations, and property managers and floor supervisors have a duty to ensure that daily security tasks are carried out in a timely manner. The truth is that on-site facility security in industrial settings is a group effort, and the larger your facility, the more complex your security plans need to be in order to stop threats and mitigate damage. Below are some considerations when creating a security maintenance plan in an industrial setting:

Understand Mechanical Dangers

When working around machinery like aerospace BLDC motors or frameless BLDC motors, there are mechanical dangers inherent to the machinery itself. It’s your job as a security professional in an industrial setting to understand the equipment used in your facility and the dangers posed by each piece of equipment. In the case of BLDC motors, you can contact a brushless DC motor manufacturer by visiting to learn about operational details for these kinds of units.

Having a plan in place with your safety coordination team is also important in industrial settings. Once your security and safety teams create a plan to mitigate hazards, you will need to promote safety and security initiatives by holding regular training sessions and performing inspections of equipment and employee behavior, knowledge and practices.

Understand Criminal Dangers

Your security operations also need to take into account criminal security threats. These can be things like employee violence, corporate espionage or theft of company property. In an industrial setting, there are often vendors coming and going to and from the facility, and some facilities experience this traffic 24 hours per day. Likewise, your facility may have inbound and outbound traffic routed through the finished goods department where product is moved off-site.

Having a plan in place to mitigate the potential for on-site criminal activity is important, and having emergency security response plans in place is also important to protect property and the health and safety of workers and visitors artdailynewsonline. Consider creating a manual that lists standard operating procedures for dealing with security threats. With a plan in place to meet each potential threat, your facility is more likely to handle security events in an efficient manner.

Coordinate With Maintenance

While you probably already realize that coordination between your security and safety teams is key, you may not realize just how valuable relationships can be between your security team and your on-site maintenance team. Maintenance professionals can spot security hazards during their shifts that may go unnoticed during routine security inspections. Likewise, your maintenance team can alert your security team to potential threats that they notice as they go about their daily task irtdailys.

Establishing a good relationship with your facility’s maintenance team means that your security operations will have additional assets with which to work newmags. Your facility’s maintenance team can act as an extension of your security team when everyone involved in operations understands the importance of working together to keep employees and visitors safe.

Monitor For Digital Threats

Lastly, your security operations need to take into account any digital threats. The use of Internet connectivity across industrial facilities these days means that everything from computer networks to connected manufacturing equipment can be vulnerable to cyberattacks. Understanding the threats posed by cybercriminals and having plans in place to thwart these threats can make a big difference in maintaining site security businesslognews.

Even taking the time to train employees about email and Internet usage security can make a big difference. Consider holding regular security training sessions to keep employees up to date about digital threats, and make sure your security team works closely with your facility’s IT department to be alerted when new security threats pop up.

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