Informative Guide About SafeGuard Program From KuCoin

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KuCoin’s superior team success build their house within the landmark of cryptocurrency. A large variety of professional traders and older investors exist on a KuCoin website. KuCoin uploads countless news feeds to produce most data concerning the crypto market. Also, KuCoin supports completely different trading choices and opens many opportunities for its users. KuCoin additionally offers a unique thanks to deposit cash. Block trading is noted among the varied sorts of trade. Today we provide an informative guide about SafeGuard Program from KuCoin.

Safeguard Program

KuCoin is accepted for various security measures, with 2FA and withdrawal limits counting on the account. KuCoin additionally offers a safeguard program that is extremely useful in chasing the user’s activity. This program tracks the various data of the user, together with their login time, IP Address, and private data, while not asking for data. This technology makes KuCoin attentive to any suspicious activity and can take action at the proper time. It is useful in protecting the KuCoin platform from completely different cyber-attacks. KuCoin safeguard token (SAFT) is very useful concerning safe users’ assets. This token shields KuCoin against several threats and runs it smoothly. Once receiving the SAFT token, you’ll contact with KuCoin client support, and completely different options also are enabled for you.

Tiers Of SAFT

This safety program helps investors to guard their funds just in case of any hacker attack on their accounts. The 2 tiers, Gold and Platinum, go together with completely different advantages and options. However, each works equally and freezes users’ accounts in case of suspicious activity. The gold tier includes insurance covering one million USD assets, whereas Platinum insurance covers three million USD.

Trading Revenue Use For Security

The KuCoin platform was developed in 2017 and backed by great support for blockchain. The team of KuCoin is very innovative individuals. They produce such a policy that KuCoin shares 90% of its revenue with KCS holders. Now, to make their platform safer, a lot of funds have been invested in the Safeguard program of KuCoin. This program takes care of the security and protection of its users. The individuals behind this program work a lot with efficiency to scale back the worry of the crypto market. Those individuals are extremely trained to recover funds in case of any suspicious activity. So, you don’t have to be compelled to worry about your funds from undesirable events. You’ll currently hold a BTC, ADA, LUNC, Ethereum price, etc., with no hesitation in the long run.


Undoubtedly KuCoin is the world’s biggest Altcoin exchange. You may realize numerous pairs like ETH/USDT, DOGE/USDT, etc., with the Bitcoin price on the KuCoin platform. You can also find the KCS price with the full order book. Similarly, P2P block trading is additionally on the KuCoin website to entertain its users. If you reside in a country with less support for payment ways on crypto exchanges, you want to choose P2P trading. You’ll obtain a good variety of cryptocurrency pairs from KuCoin verified merchants. There’s additionally a guide to several other security measures on the KuCoin website.

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