How to Successfully Invest in the Wild World of Crypto

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‍The cryptocurrency market has exploded in popularity over the last couple of years, with new coins emerging almost every day and new opportunities to invest opening up all the time. There are now well over 2000 different cryptocurrencies you can invest in – and that number is growing fast. If you want to get involved with crypto, there is a lot to understand and get your head around. It’s also a very risky market to invest in – so you need to be sure you’re prepared before you take the leap. Read on for our handy guide to how you can invest in crypto, and which might be right for you.

What is a Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual “coin” that uses encryption technology to generate and control the supply of additional units of that currency. They use decentralized technology to bring people and companies together in a transparent and trust-less network. This decentralized network means there is no central authority that issues or manages the currency or network. Instead, cryptocurrencies are “mined” by computers solving complex mathematical equations.

Because there is no central authority, no one can control the supply or regulation of the currency – there is no interest rate. This means you can’t go to a bank and borrow money to fund your investment. But it also means you don’t have the same level of risk with cryptocurrency that you might with a bank loan – because there’s no debt!

How to Buy Bitcoin and Other Famous Coins

The first and most obvious place to start your crypto portfolio is by buying Bitcoin. Bitcoin (BTC) is the original cryptocurrency, going live in 2009. Because it was the first, investors have had the chance to learn from other people’s mistakes and refine the art of investing in cryptocurrencies. This means that it’s become a very popular and well-known coin amongst people looking to invest in the market. You can buy Bitcoin and other coins through a trading platform such as BitAlpha AI. You can also buy Bitcoin directly from people who have them using peer-to-peer exchanges like LocalBitcoins.

Investing in ICOs – Initial Coin Offerings

Once you’ve got a few cryptocurrencies in your wallet and understand how the market works, you can start to diversify your portfolio by investing in ICOs. There are so many cryptocurrencies that there is a huge demand for them – but not all of them get enough attention from investors, so many coins never get off the ground. 

So, if you see a new coin and want to invest but missed the initial ICO, you can still get in on the action by buying the “pre-ICO” coins. These are coins that people who run the ICO have already bought at a lower cost. They then sell them on a secondary market once the ICO is over (or sometimes during it if they get lucky), making a profit on their investment and giving you a chance to buy in.

Blockchain Investments

Another option to diversify your crypto portfolio is by investing in blockchain companies. This involves investing in companies who are developing blockchain-based products and services. These blockchain-based products and services are the new foundation of the future – many enterprises are starting to build their businesses around the blockchain. Because it’s such a new technology, blockchain investments are a very interesting and exciting way to diversify your crypto portfolio and profit from the growth of the blockchain industry.

Final Words: Should You Jump In?

The cryptocurrency market is a wild and unpredictable ride. This is both its appeal and risk – it’s impossible to know what the future will hold for any individual coin. But although cryptocurrencies are very risky, the market is also very exciting. With so many new coins and technologies emerging, there are always new ways to invest and profit. Moreover, the underlying technology of the blockchain has already shown promise as a game-changing technology that will have a huge effect on the way we live – and will be implemented in many industries. 


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