How to Find Apps For Your iOS Device With GetJar

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If you are searching for free apps for your iOS device, GetJar is the place to look. The site is a great source of apps, and it is based in California. Since its inception, the service has hosted more than two billion applications, and it continues to grow. The app store supports iOS, Android, and the old Windows Mobile operating systems. To find apps for your iOS device, search through the app categories and see which ones are popular.

The number of consumers who have downloaded apps from GetJar is a testament to the quality of its content. Despite the competition, many consumers remain loyal to the service. More than 66% of them rate GetJar’s content as excellent or amazing. The company also categorizes its competitors into direct and indirect. Direct competitors include Zedge, Mobile9, and Mobango, and more recently, handset vendors with their own app stores.

If you want to avoid risky apps, you may want to try GetJar. The site is a great alternative to Google Play, but you never know what you’re getting when you download an APK file. Also, Android devices are protected from risky APK files. Only Google Play offers a safe and reputable software library. GetJar is not the best app store alternative, but it’s still worth trying.

Although GetJar is not yet available for iOS devices, there are other third-party app stores that offer similar functionality. In addition to offering free iOS apps, GetJar also enables individual developers to publish their apps and take a cut of the profits from each sale. GetJar is now the largest open appstore, with more than a million apps available to download. It has more than three million downloads per day.

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