How is it Being a Big Law Legal Advisor?

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If you’ve been wondering, “How is it being a Big Law legal advisor?” you’re not alone. Most people who leave “Big Law” have done so successfully and are happy with the change. The trick is to find what you love and know when it’s time to leave. It’s like leaving a best friend or a relationship: you need to listen to your heart and go with your instincts.

While the New York City legal market has a reputation for having a high-powered atmosphere, there’s also a distinctly different culture in other legal markets. While Manhattan may be the center of the universe, other cities have a less 24-hour culture. As such, you can expect your work days to be more flexible than those in New York. In addition, technology has made working remotely easier and more convenient.

A key benefit of becoming a senior associate is that you’ll have the chance to develop a network of contacts. You’ll have the chance to mentor younger attorneys and develop a portable business. This will help you build a network of contacts and develop a rewarding career. Moreover, Biglaw firms are known to be more progressive than smaller firms, so you’ll be better positioned to pursue lateral positions.

As with any career, the challenges in being a big law legal advisor are numerous. Large law firms have a high level of competition. If you don’t fit in with the culture, you should look elsewhere. Moreover, there are many attorneys in big law firms who would be unhappy in this type of environment. Interestingly, some well-known attorneys would probably be unhappy in the big law firm environment. Shawn Holley, Johnnie Cochran and other prominent attorneys would be completely dissatisfied in this kind of environment.

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