GetJar Vs Android Market

While Google claims that Android is a “free and open” platform, there are several major concerns surrounding GetJar. In addition to its lack of a proprietary app market, GetJar also offers paid apps for free. While Mountain View has resisted GetJar’s rise, it recognizes that its alternative app distribution and monetization channels may eat into Google’s revenue and traffic. Let’s take a closer look at the GetJar vs. Android Market argument.

According to GetJar CEO Chris Drury, up to 50 percent of apps on Google Play never get traction. If this number seems high, that’s because GetJar has a much higher number of applications and users. The number of apps on GetJar has grown by 50 percent month after month. In addition to tracking ad revenue, the site also tracks which types of applications are downloaded most frequently.

The two app stores are competing for the same market, and both are growing rapidly. GetJar has a strong brand and a number of partnerships with mobile operators. Sony Ericsson, for example, offers mobile apps for free. The PlayNow Arena app store is another option. But it’s unclear which will be the bigger winner when it comes to mobile app downloads. While Sony Ericsson is trying to compete with GetJar for users, it has its own advantages.

GetJar is the largest independent app store, claiming more than two billion downloads and 150K+ applications. While it is smaller than the Android Market, GetJar is still gaining popularity and has been working on expanding its engineering, marketing, and sales teams. Its “open” model is unique, and GetJar is now eyeing the Android arena as a strong competitor to the Android Market. It’s time for you to decide which app store is better for your needs.


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