GetJar – The Largest Distributor of Android Apps Outside of the Google Play Store

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In addition to Android Market, GetJar is the largest distributor of Android apps outside of the Google Play store. Currently, over 150K applications are distributed through GetJar. The platform is growing rapidly, with over two billion downloads to date. This is part of a larger shift in app monetization as Apple and Google battle bloated app stores. Besides, GetJar also faces competition from rivals such as Apple, Microsoft, and Nokia.

Those who prefer to use a desktop application store will be able to take advantage of GetJar’s desktop version. In addition to mobile browser support, users can also install apps via GetJar’s desktop version. Just go to the GetJar website and select “Quick Install” to download the app, or use the Quick Install option. In either case, be sure to enter the app’s ID, which is listed in the app’s URL. Once you have the app installed, you can browse the library on your desktop.

GetJar is the oldest android app store. Thousands of free apps can be downloaded from GetJar. Similar to Google Play, the site has user comments, Facebook support, and dedicated GetJar APK stores. Aside from free apps, GetJar also offers an alternative payment processing system. However, if you’re concerned about security, you may want to try F-Droid. These alternative android app stores are safe and offer thousands of apps for download.

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