GetJar App Stores Android – A Partnership With Sony Ericsson

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If you’re a fan of independent mobile phone application stores, you may want to check out the GetJar app store. Founded in Lithuania, GetJar is now based in San Mateo, California, with offices in both cities. Ilja Laurs is the founder and current Executive Chairman, and Chris Dury is the CEO. Investors include Tiger Global Management and Accel Partners. GetJar began in 2004 as an independent online app store for developers. The company started by offering free apps to users.

There are many rival app stores, but none has been around for fifteen years. Founded in 2004, GetJar provides downloadable applications for BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, and Java ME across all platforms. Although Apple’s App Store may be the most popular, GetJar is still four years ahead. There are some differences, however. For one thing, GetJar is cross-platform, while the App Stores on Android are proprietary.

Sony Ericsson and Nokia are two companies that have substantial resources that help them build awareness and consumer trust. For the developer, the partnership creates more channels to market. The two brands have different strengths, and the new ventures are complementary. Those who have a smartphone made by Sony Ericsson will have an advantage. The latter, for instance, focuses on handsets and premium content delivery. That’s why it makes sense for both GetJar and Sony Ericsson to collaborate.

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