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One of the most convenient ways to get free downloads of Getjar apps is to visit the website and search for the app. After finding the app you wish to install, you can click on it to download it. However, you should be aware that Getjar has several drawbacks. To make things easier, we have compiled a list of some of its downsides. Continue reading to learn how you can protect yourself and your Android device from malicious apps.

The first major drawback of GetJar is its limited selection. While it offers more than 50 million downloads, it’s still far behind paid alternatives like Apple’s App Store. However, that’s not to say that GetJar isn’t worth a try. In fact, the company boasts of more than 300,000 registered developers and its growing catalogue of apps. Despite these drawbacks, it still offers many benefits for brands.

As of today, GetJar has over 3 million daily downloads across over 2,000 devices. As of last year, it has expanded to include Google Android devices, making it the second largest mobile platform for its users. Despite this, the company’s growth has been exponential, with over 3 million downloads on a daily basis. With this new expansion, GetJar is able to reach even more users and grow its audience.

Another significant benefit of GetJar is its free app download. Once downloaded, it’s safe and free to use. GetJar’s system detects the device type and offers relevant content. It also offers a variety of sponsored apps that can be used to generate virtual cash. If you’re looking to get your hands on an app for free, the GetJar app download link is a great way to start. You can easily download it with just four steps.

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