GetJar – Alternative to Google’s Android App Store

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If you are looking for a new app store for your Android phone, Try GetJar. The app store is available for almost every major smartphone platform, including iPhone and Android. GetJar redirects you to Apple’s App Store if you want to download an iPhone app. The site offers around 150,000 apps, and has more than 2 billion downloads to date. Recently, GetJar picked up funding, picking up $11 million last year, and a further $25 million this past February. It is pushing hard to become a viable alternative to Google’s Android app store.

With its large catalog of apps, GetJar has become the center of mini-applications. The company has offices in Northern California, Britain, and Lithuania. Early this year, accelerator Accel Partners invested 11 million dollars in GetJar. GetJar’s app store is comprised of “virtual shelves” containing mobile software applications, where developers can sell their own apps and make money through in-app transactions. While some companies are trying to emulate GetJar’s success, others are stepping up to compete.

The company also recently launched an app download page. This mobile software download page allows consumers to install apps from a desktop computer, as well as download them to their mobile phone. In addition to identifying the handset, GetJar’s new service also enables developers to place ads in their mobile applications on partner networks and on GetJar sites. GetJar is also 100% cross-platform, meaning it works on every device regardless of location or platform.

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