GetJar – All Mobile Antivirus Downloads

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There are many ways to protect your smartphone from malware, but you don’t need to be an IT expert to install mobile antivirus software. You can install antivirus software using the GetJar app store. Here’s how. The GetJar app store contains more than 75,000 free apps, including the internationally popular game Angry Birds. You can also download a music app called Shazam from GetJar. It’s available for phones and tablets running many different operating systems. This app store is available on 50 AT&T handsets, though not on the Apple iPhone.

GetJar is a desktop app store, which makes it easy to install software from your mobile device. You can search for an app on GetJar’s website and click the “Quick Install” button to download it. Simply enter the app’s ID, which is part of its URL. Alternatively, you can browse the GetJar library on your desktop. You can even download multiple antivirus programs at once.

Downloading antivirus apps from untrusted sources can be a bit risky. While some apps are safe and developed by users, many are not. You should avoid installing apps from GetJar, which is littered with ads and suspicious apps. But this option is a good backup if you don’t trust the apps available through Google Play. If you do download them, you’ll be protected by the antivirus program you install through Google Play.

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