GetJar – A Free Android App Store

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If you’re looking for a mobile app store with free applications, then GetJar might be the one for you. This independent app store was founded in 2004 and has offices in Vilnius, Lithuania, and San Mateo, California. The app store has over 3 million downloads a day and has more than 849,036 apps available. Its developer portal allows third-party developers to upload their mobile applications for free. In June 2010, over 300,000 developers contributed over one billion downloads to GetJar. In July 2011, the app store’s users had downloaded over two billion apps.

While it is possible to download premium Android apps for free, you should be aware that some apps will be unavailable in the market. You should be aware that some of these apps may contain in-app monetization. Despite this, GetJar will not monitor and control these apps. As long as you have permission to download these apps, you should be able to continue to download the latest version. In addition, you can download the latest versions of these apps through GetJar’s website.

While the competition in the app market is fierce, GetJar has some advantages. First of all, it has access to the largest number of mobile users worldwide. This means that it is the most widely-used independent app store. The app store boasts more than four hundred million downloads and one million new downloads each day. GetJar is popular in more than 200 countries and has over ten million unique users each month. Moreover, developers can also make money by selling in-app transactions.

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