Does a Screen Magnetic Door Really Work?

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The warmer seasons bring a lot to look forward to. Vacations and adventures that you’ll share with the people you love. Travel and new memories as you head out of town and explore the world a little bit. Some of the best moments that the warmer weather brings can be found right at home though. Being able to enjoy time by the pool with family and friends, or throw a cookout with the neighbors. Yes, there is a charm and a special quality to the cold months of winter that bring people together in indoor settings, but the warmer weather brings something special.

When the weather is temperate and mild, it’s nice to leave a window or door open and enjoy some fresh air. During the truly warmer months of summer, this can often times happen in the evening when the sun is setting on the horizon and the weather cools off. These incredible summer evenings can feel absolutely perfect and give you a chance to air out your home.

While leaving the window or door open when the weather is nice is something you should do, you have to be careful. The better weather isn’t just good for you, but it’s good for all the little critters and insects that come to life in mass during this time. While most windows have screens, however, the real problem can come from your doorway. Finding ways to enjoy the fresh outdoor air while also protecting your home from bugs and critters doesn’t have to be hard though.

If you have been looking into the Everlasting Comfort’s screen magnetic door as an option for your home this coming summer, here is everything you need to know!

What Exactly is a Screen Magnetic Door?

A screen magnetic door is an option for helping to keep the bugs and unwanted visitors out of your home while allowing you to let in all the fresh air you want. These devices have a few key factors that make them the perfect option for helping you enjoy the weather when it’s nice outside.

Why Not Use a Storm Door?

A magnetic screen door acts as an alternative to the popular option of a storm or screen door that you could choose to use instead. The main differences between these two options come down to convenience and ease, however. For a lot of people who are looking for an option that protects their home, and doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars, the screen magnetic door is a great choice. However, the financial advantage is not the only thing that makes a screen magnetic door a good option.

Here are some of the best features that you will enjoy with your screen magnetic door.

Light Weight – Easy to Walk Through

The first thing you’ll notice about the screen magnetic door is how lightweight it is. Composed of two pieces of durable mesh that will stand up to anything nature will throw at it. These two mesh flaps are held together in the middle by 26 magnets that create a very tight seal so that no gnats, flies, or other unwanted visitors enter your home.

The best part, however, is how effortless it is to enter or exit the magnetic screen door. All you do is apply some pressure to the seem, and the magnets will easily pull apart. This is a lifesaver for when you are taking a tray of food or drinks out on the back patio. No more heavy doors with awkward handles that can threaten to overturn anything you care through them. This screen door will maintain a seal when you want it to but is never difficult to walk in or out of.

Easy To Instal

Anyone can install this screen magnetic door in any doorway up to 38×82. With all the tools you need inside the box, the screen magnetic door also comes with an easy installation video tutorial. No complicated tools, levels, hammers, nails, or screws. This magnetic door is as convenient to install as it is to use.


You should enjoy the weather when it’s nice outside and not have to worry about letting the bugs in. This screen magnetic door is designed to help give you an affordable, convenient, and effective option for helping enjoy all the beautiful weather this year. Because it uses a hands-free entry system, this can be perfect for the little ones who might struggle with hard-to-reach door handles, or heavy storm or screen doors.

Not only that, but once you experience how easy it is to use a lightweight screen instead of a heavy secondary door, you’ll never want to go back. When you have a heavy screen or storm door, it can make entering and exiting your home a hassle especially if you are taking food or drinks outside. This easy-to-use, convenient-to-install magnetic screen door is well worth your time and investment.

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