Borehole Pump Head Calculation

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Before installing a borehole pump, you need to determine how much total head the system requires. This amount is based on several factors including pipe diameter and length, the internal diameter of the pipe, the amount of reticulation pipe required, and any losses. Using this information, you can select the best bore pump for your system Rarbgweb.

First, let’s define what a head is. The head of a pump is the height it can lift a liquid column. It is expressed in meters. It is important to remember that the height of the liquid column is fluid independent, which means that two different fluids with different densities will lift at the same height. By contrast, the pressure of a liquid column varies, mainly due to its specific gravity. As a result, the same pump can generate different pressures Muctau.

Next, it is important to determine the depth of the borehole. The contractor should be able to give you an idea of the average depth of the borehole. If you’re pumping water from a depth of 10m, you’ll need a pump with at least 1 bar of pressure Newshunttimes.

Another important part of borehole pump head calculation is the total dynamic head. It is calculated from the pump set depth and the discharge pipework outlet. The highest point in this calculation is 45 metres, which is 35m below and 10m above ground Once you have these numbers, you can use an online tool to calculate the frictional loss. You will need the pipe diameter and length, as well as the internal ID. It is also important to consider the pipe type and the number of bends and elbows in the pipe

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